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Learning at Secondary education in St. Mary’s School.

Secondary education in St. Mary’s starts for most of the students at the age of 11 years.

From the age of 11-16 students study a broad range of subjects such as music, sciences, maths etc.

St. Mary’s school serves the following purposes at the secondary level.

The school tries to create love, unity and patriotism among all the students. This leads to the promotion of peace generally and respect to the country.

From primary school to secondary school students get introduced to more subjects like computer studies, arts, craft, music, business studies, physics, chemistry etc. and from this the students are able to choose the subjects they are more interested in, according to their future career.

The school also introduces students to science symposiums and projects where students create innovative projects and researches.

The students are also prepared for a rapidly changing economy or how to socialize with other people, making presentations, public speaking etc.

Through different sports, students are able to express their talents fully through the Inter school sports competitions.

Through Biology and Geography students learn about the environment and the importance of taking care of the environment. The school makes the students become good environment care takers.

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